Cola Life

As part of some research I was doing on digital inclusion, just over a year ago, I was reading the blog posts of the highly respected social reporter, David Wilcox, who I had met a few months earlier at the digital engagement event. In his blog post David had caught up with Simon Berry at a recent event to find about more about his Cola Life campaign, something which David was clearly interested in. I can only say that having been suitably distracted from my research I was hooked, from the word go, at what a great and simple idea Cola Life is. Having had the good fortune to travel myself I knew from first hand experience just how extensive the Coca Cola distribution network is. Since then I have followed develops with great anticipation and was delighted to see Simon give a great, and understandably nervous presentation at TEDx in Berlin. This is a great idea and as Simon says in his presentation, they need more followers and generally more people to be aware of start talking about this idea for it to gather momentum. So here I am doing my bit; watch the video, like it on Facebook and tell your friends. Prepare to be wowed!

About Aidan Kelly

Problem solver, creative thinker, leader, environmentalist, physicist, photographer, observer of the World, believer in making a better future for all
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