Aidan Kelly Project Manager

Aidan Kelly – Project Manager

I am an inquisitive person who likes challenges.  I think creatively and laterally to develop ideas and solutions to problems, be they technical or social.  I get in the detail, talk to people, listen and get the big picture.  As a project manager I use my creativity and ability to understand and communicate complex ideas and concepts to deliver projects successfully.

For me, innovation doesn’t have to be simply about creating new and cool gadgets, it can be about finding solutions that are sustainable and have real potential to change the World for good.  That’s my focus, using my skills and talents to find and deliver innovative solutions to problems wherever they may lie.

As a PRINCE2 Project Manager I’ve worked in a wide variety of  environments from IT and mobile networks, through to community development and most recently the not-for-profit sector.   I was recently asked to talk about my experiences of working in the non-profit sector in an article for the project management blog, How to manage a camel.

I am currently studying a post-graduate qualification in Systems Thinking in Practice with the Open University.  This course is about managing complex situations. As the course description says ‘Managing is ultimately about taking action in complex interconnected situations, where others involved may have contrasting understandings, motivations and interests, and where conflicts inevitably arise’.  I am looking to find new professional challenges that can develop my complex problem solving skills, so get in touch if you’d like to talk further.  You can view my professional résume through my LinkedIn page.