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Image:Radcliffe Power Station, nr Derby

An early start to capture this photo, but worth the effort, I hope you agree. During late September 2011 the weather was particularly warm producing some lovely clear skies. Thankfully the good weather held out until the weekend when I had time to get up at 5:45am and go walking with my camera. I find it fascinating that something as ugly as a power station can actually be quite atmospheric in the right lighting conditions.

Image: view over Canary Wharf from the Thames Barrier

I took this whilst out shooting photos for my photography project. I had taken all the photos that I needed for the day so I decided to take some just for me.  The sky was perfect, crystal clear (and freezing cold) but as the sun set I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the city.

image: Quiet reflection

This photo was taken on the Oxford Canal just outside Rugby.  I took this photo as part of a planned submission to a local competition for entries for next year’s Rugby Art Gallery calendar.  I’m delighted to say that this particular photo was chosen for the month of July!

image: Tunnel Vision

This shot was taken in Newbold Tunnel, which guides the Oxford Canal out of Rugby.  I was experimenting with shooting in darkness and using white balance with my little Canon compact camera – the results were however surprising.  The way the tunnel lights reflect off of the water produces a wonderful effect.  This photo was also chosen to be part of the Rugby Art Gallery’s calendar for the month of October!

More photos are available through my Flickr photostream.

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